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To trace DiBiase Homebuilders own version of the American Dream, you’d have to start in 1948, when company founder Ugo DiBiase emigrated from Italy to the United States in search of success. Armed with a formidable skill set, a vigorous work ethic and a distinctively charismatic personality, Ugo made his entrance into the US workforce as a bricklayer in the late 1940s. By 1954, his ambition led him to purchase property in Peabody, MA that he quickly turned into a successful residential offering... and DiBiase Homes was on the map!

Through the years, Ugo, along with his brother Elio, built the company by filling out the team with skillful, smart people with a similar dedication to hard work. With an unyielding commitment to high quality products and services coupled with an old-world-style handshake philosophy, DiBiase Homebuilders rapidly earned a reputation as a company that homebuyers, and building industry professionals alike could trust. From apartment buildings to single family homes and condos, DiBiase Homebuilders has produced the outstanding residences that have welcomed hundreds of satisfied customers home.

In the early 1980s, after several years managing projects with the company, Ugo's son Paul DiBiase was ready to take the reins. Like his father before him, Paul has a unique sense of vision – finding properties that others may have overlooked and then turning them into highly sought after residential developments. The hands-on approach to business and true pride in the work the company delivers ensures the quality product and superior customer service that our customers expect from DiBiase Homes.

Today, after more than 50 years, this second generation, family-owned business is still run with the commitment to customer satisfaction and handshake philosophy that originally made the company a success. Throughout Massachusetts and Florida, DiBiase Homes maintains a strong presence in the real estate market with the full gamut of offerings including single-family homes, condos and apartment buildings.

For us, there is no better compliment to our business than the smiles of happy DiBiase homeowners. It's been the culmination of our American Dream to share in making the dreams of our customers come true.

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